What is Divorce Coaching?

What is divorce coaching?

Through personal sessions, I provide guidance to my clients along the challenging path of divorce and post-divorce life. I assist with communication (including filtering and ghost-writing), practical strategies, and overall support. Subjects include legal proceedings, parenting, shifting relationship patterns, personal finance, changes to daily life, and everything else that is part of this “new normal.” My role is to help navigate your unique journey.

Who is Miriam Yudelson Katz?

I am a twice divorced mother of four. My oldest is out on her own, my two middles are in college, and my youngest is in high school. My two marriages – and my two divorces – were very different. One marriage was physically and verbally abusive, resulting in full custody and relying on judicial orders for all kinds of matters. The other, longer marriage was challenging without being particularly contentious. The divorce dragged on as well, difficult yet not acrimonious, and has never involved the court. For almost a decade now we have had joint physical custody. The details have evolved as our children have grown. While in many ways we co-parent well, I have also learned a lot of hard lessons about parallel parenting and boundary setting. For several years I have provided support and guidance to friends and family dealing with divorce and the many changes it brings, and now I offer my wisdom and experience to you.

I am a proud alumna of Wellesley College. I strive to be LGBTQ+ friendly, culturally sensitive, and gender impartial.

Do you encourage divorce?

I believe divorce is sad and difficult. I also believe it is sometimes necessary, and a better alternative than continuing in an unhealthy or unhappy marriage. And sometimes it is a person’s reality, not by choice. Whether or not to divorce is a decision I would never, ever make for another person. I sometimes help people consider the pros and cons of divorce and offer insight to help them evaluate their unique circumstances. No one starts off planning to get divorced, and no one enjoys the process. Sometimes divorce really is the best way forward, and I am here to help make that journey as smooth as possible.

What services do you offer?

With clients in various time zones, living situations, and stages of divorce, I have always offered my services virtually. I communicate with my clients by phone, email, text, video calls, WhatsApp, etc.

I am not a lawyer, mediator, psychologist, or social worker. I am a caring, compassionate, experienced advocate. I offer an outside perspective, strong writing skills, information, and a strategic approach. I am your personal guide along the frequently long and generally difficult path of divorce.

I provide my services on either a pay-as-you-go, payment per session basis, or a packaged monthly membership which includes unlimited electronic communication, ghost-writing, and filtering in addition to scheduled phone calls. Contact me to discuss your needs and your budget.