“Trying to navigate through the quicksand of emotional manipulation as well as legal and financial decisions of my long and difficult divorce has been quite rough. Miriam has provided the right blend of common sense advice, emotional support, and hope to make this whole process seem survivable.  I’m not done yet, but with Miriam at my (virtual) side, I don’t feel that I am alone in facing these challenges.”

“Miriam has always been there for me as a sounding board.  She doesn’t ever tell me what I want to hear but instead, gives me her honest assessments no matter what issue I lay at her feet.  She is intelligent, unafraid and secure in her knowledge. She is also warm, caring and supportive.”

“Wow, if I wrote even one tenth of what I feel about the help you’ve given me, the gushing and gratitude would be so over the top that you’d have to tone it down just to put it in the testimonials! In other words, thank you. But thank you doesn’t even begin to touch it.”

“When everything was falling apart, Miriam gave me courage and direction to find my inner strength.  She skillfully guided me with wisdom, patience, and caring attentiveness.”

“I consider myself an intelligent person.  But legalese can make my eyes glaze over.  Through rental agreements and court documents, Miriam pointed out areas to pay attention to and highlighted aspects I had missed. Miriam has a keen eye for potential traps or pitfalls while always interacting with loving kindness and encouragement.”

“Miriam is the voice of reason and gives help to so many. She is a rockstar. Every. Single. Time.”

“Miriam is amazing!  First of all, she really seeks to understand what you’re going through, which is a MUST when working with someone that you want guidance and advice from on anything. So many times, in the complicated world of divorce, people don’t ‘get it’, and she does 100%.”

“Miriam’s validation of my feelings and experiences is very meaningful. Sometimes just knowing I’m not alone is all it takes to empower me to move forward in strength on my journey.”

“From finding the right wording to discuss something with my ex that is assertive but not adversarial, to tips on how to think about/approach my own self-talk and parenting my children (especially if the other parent isn’t as cooperative as desired)–It’s all relevant and can really improve the situation.  Knowing I’ve had Miriam’s support and learning from her advice has helped me so much in weathering my divorce and life after.”